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Ohio Valley Idol! The Biggest and Best Karaoke Event to Hit Town! CASH! PRIZES! FUN! DANCING! SINGING! Check Us Out!

Ohio Valley Idol is bringing Karaoke to the spotlight again in 2008!

One again this year, the action allows five weeks to qualify, with the finals on March 7th.
The prizes are big again this year, with $700 CASH and a 3 hour recording session for first place,
$200 for second place,
and $100 for 3rd place!

The 'men in black' put the kabosh on event T-shirts, (Sigh, copyright laws)
but J & J Sporting Goods has Frisbees, Coozies and other goodies.

We will all be having lots of fun thanks to the great sponsors,
like the Brandy's Lounge at the Holiday Inn, Froggy 99,
J & J Sporting Goods, Second 2 None KJ/DJ, and Sweetsong Productions
Join us to see who will be the next Ohio Valley Idol!

Frankster1969 - Frank's myspace page for DJ & Karaoke fun

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