The $250 REWARD OFFERED for information leading to the arrest & conviction of those responsible for the 12-31-2002 burglary is now $500.
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Together we will catch them!.

************UPDATE Feb 2006************
The Sheriff's Dept recovered a Couple of the guns!
The Blue Phantom Pump is back in action!
Also one of the black Tippmanns that was stolen, has been recovered from a individual.

DNA from the perp has been recovered, profiled, and is now on file. Whether the matching sample comes from a bar fight or from biting his girlfriend- we are going to get him. We have 20 years to nail this guy. Somebody is going to help us, and that person is going to get $500.
Details on the new suspects are not being released!
(They know there is a band of vigilantes out there that want to go clean some clocks!
Hey, violence is not the answer-but I can't stop 'em!)

Breaking, Entering, and Burglary

$500 REWARD for arrest & conviction of those responsible for the New Years Eve break-in
& burglary at J & J Sporting goods. Among the items stolen are several M-98 Custom rental systems.
The guns, tanks & masks were all marked with green paint. Serial numbers will be posted on the site!
The CO2 tanks had J & J Sporting Goods Labels on them.
Please contact the Washington County Sheriffs office, or J & J Sporting Goods directly. Thank you

If you have any information, Please contact

Pictures from the scene. These I took after the Sheriff was done.
They have collected a lot of evidence. Here are pictures of the damages, tiretracks,
footprints, fingerprints, and even Blood evidence where they cut themselves.
They took enough equipment to make it a major offense, and left thier DNA behind!

Since it was the middle of the day, all of our video cameras were not on, (never again!)
As allowed by due process and in co-operation with the Law enforement Authorities, we will add more pictures!

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